Winning stories - I never thought winning on online casino is possible

I am always in contradiction of playing casino online. My thought on this online casino is that all are spam and nobody can ever win in their games. Although I am not a frequent casino player but from time to time, I indulged myself playing the roulette on casino houses. Real casino, as I thought is where real winning is.  But, after a few prodding from my girlfriend, (she wanted me to play at home) I have given a few thoughts on trying my luck on online casino. So I did try.

I registered in one casino site and made my first deposit. I was surprised to see free money on my account so I told myself, this is good, and some free money even before betting.  I am not a hustler roulette player but I do know some trick. I place my first bet on a fifty- fifty space, red line and I won.  It’s not bad, as I always feel happy winning even a chip of profit. I bet two times of my bet and a half on red once more and repeat it betting on it using the sequence 1, 3, 6, 15, 32 ...and surprise! Surprise! I hit the 5 k prize. It was my first try at online casino and I must admit I have never won this much from my previous playing in real casino.

What made me more enthusiastic is the moment I cashed out for my winning. I immediately received a short email from my casino site and states that my check time frame is 2-3 weeks. However, it did not take that long to see my check for real. It came even before a week passed. 
For the money, I am planning a well-deserved vacation for myself and for my girlfriend. I am also thinking of joining a drag race somewhere in Topeka Kansas and then off to some casino and oh, of course some shopping for myself and for my girlfriend. Some of the money will be deposit to the bank for some apartment repairs. 

Online casinos just came out of the blue and my winning is a real surprise. I am now saving time for playing online. I would try next time the slots which I heard give more fun and thrill and of course great prizes. My casino playing has never been this exciting and lucky. I am giving online casino five thumbs up.

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